snow daze

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If you live in the Midwest or have watched the weather recently you may have come across this phenomenon called Snowmageddon.  I just checked the spelling on google and found that there’s actually a Snowmageddon movie made in 2011 that recounts the tale of an Alaskan mystical snowstorm.  It might be worth checking out if merely to compare our experiences.  In all seriousness it hasn’t been utterly terrible, more inconvenient.  Yesterday I got my little car stuck (like really stuck) on our gravel driveway, rolled slowly into the gas station and then couldn’t get my gas cap off because my fingers were so cold.  Wind chill of -42 isn’t like wind chill of -5.

Snowmageddon isn’t the only phenomenon that has happened in the past few days.  Both Kevin and my school got three snow days!  Three!  It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since we have been at work.  Tomorrow is going to be quite a shock.

The picture shown above is our snowman aftermath that was left at our house by secret snowman makers.  Aka the best coming home present ever.


adventures in gardening

Today we  bought our first wheelbarrow.  Thanks to our gift certificates from the wedding shower we were able to buy not only the wheelbarrow but some wonderful plants that were half off.

Kevin buying flowers at Lowe's
Kevin buying flowers at Lowe’s

Kevin is becoming quite the gardner these days.  I can’t wait to buy him a gardening hat.